I know as a girl I’m supposed to rave about Dirty Dancing and P.S. I Love You, but to hell with that, I love Die Hard and Fight Club!

June 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sorry, in fact no, wait…….. I’m not actually in the slightest bit bloody sorry……..my favourite films are Die Hard and Fight Club, with the latter quite likely at the top of my list.  There are lots of other films I love too, of all genres, but I’m not going to rant on about bloody P.S I Love You etc., which, incidentally, I have seen and is dire, and other such girly delights “just because they’re what girlies are supposed to watch”.

P.S. John McClane - I Love You

There are few girly films (girly films? – chick flicks, whatever they are called) I can think of that I feel inclined to compliment (I’ll try and think of some before the end of this post, I promise), but I can think of bazillions of thrillers/sci-fi/action/drama/horrors/westerns/etc./etc. 

While others are fawning over “not putting baby in a corner” and blubbing over The Notebook (I always think of the cinema scene in Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds, heh heh) give me a barefoot John McClane with a dirty/bloody wife-beater and a machine gun (HO! HO! HO!), or Tyler Durden and his gasoline/frozen concentrated orange juice Napalm cocktail anyday! 

Now, I’m not a film snob in any way, shape or form and I’m willing to give it a go and make up my own mind.  If a film does it for me, I will certainly sing its praises.  Loudly!  But I have yet to make it through Mamma Mia(!) and I doubt I ever will, as I find it that repugnant (I had to think for a few moments there of a word strong enough to describe how deeply unpleasant I found what I saw and heard).  I have no problem with musicals, or Meryl Streep or ABBA for that matter, but dear God!  They could use this film as some form of torture, it could easily replace waterboarding.

I’ve just thought of a few chick flicks I can actually admit to liking!!!! Wow, I didn’t think I could, but I have.  Okay, I actually really enjoyed 27 Dresses, there I said it!   Also, Bridget Jones’s Diary, there’s one.  Are these strictly chick flicks?  I am detecting comedy here, but hey I’ll say both.  I adore When Harry Met Sally, Heathers and Mean Girls, but I class these as comedy – brilliant comedy. 

Sigh!  But I still love Fight Club……and Die Hard and The Terminator and Alien and Aliens and The Thing and Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction and Zodiac and Se7en and Coming to America and Road to Perdition and Full Metal Jacket and The Running Man and Jaws and The Dark Knight…………………………………


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