Underrated: Clue (1985)

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dir: Jonathan Lynn
Cast: Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, Madeline Kahn, Lesley Ann Warren, Michael McKean, Martin Mull

Monkeys brains, although popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in Washington D.C.

Hugely entertaining comedy murder mystery, based on the classic boardgame Cluedo (which is called “Clue” in the U.S.).  Features the original Cluedo characters, potential weapons (lead pipe, revolver, rope, etc.) and rooms (library, study, etc.), and adds a clever story and a genuine whodunnit? 

The film is seriously atmospheric, with the mansion and rooms capturing an old-fashioned, creepy ambience, which really adds to the tension.  With a great cast, including the wonderful Tim Curry as Wadsworth, the butler, Eileen Brennan as Mrs Peacock and a fabulously fiesty Lesley Ann Warren as Miss Scarlet…..lets not forget the brilliant Madeline Kahn as Mrs White.  Also, a great script, based on a story by none other than John Landis and the film’s director Jonathan Lynn (who wrote Yes, Minister).  Genuine laughs, brilliant score, a saucy maid called Yvette, and even alternative endings – what more could you want?  Oh, and I forgot the great end credits.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this film!  Never get tired of it, and it never dates.  Rumour has it that a “remake” is in the pipeline, not quite sure what to say about that.  See this one, and love it!


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